Elephants are among the world’s most powerful beings, both physically and spiritually. When I encounter them, I am moved profoundly in different ways. These massive beasts are both mystical and awesome … fierce, yet tender. Their muscular trunks are mesmerizing, and the grace with which they can move is truly awesome.

The sheer size of elephants is compelling to capture – they are exquisite in their enormity. In many ways, elephants are a contradiction. They can be caring and gentle with a loved one or an ailing member of the herd. That the spirit of such a large being is capable of such emotional depths is immensely touching.

I love that elephants live in community, where their social structure rivals any hierarchy found in our human society. They are social and gregarious – but – they can also be incredibly frightening! Just imagine eight tons of anger charging at you, with surprising speed. I have been charged like this and it was terrifying. They almost seem to double in size when they’re coming directly at you in anger or distress! This is an animal that commands respect…