Is it any surprise that I love flowers? Their gorgeous colours, organic shapes, whimsical and playful nature make them a joy to paint. These are gifts from nature, made beautiful by God – or whoever you believe in! Each one is so different from the others, but there is a natural wonder present in all of them that dazzles and intrigues me.

Sometimes I love just getting into the centre of a flower and focusing on its details. I am influenced by Georgia O’Keeffe, who was known for her amazing paintings of a single flower. I love her work, with its emphasis on simplicity and strong shapes. Through her skilled depiction, flowers take on a sensual, realistic yet abstract feeling. I try to emulate this approach, in getting to the simple core essence of the flower.

To me, a flower is a joyous combination of colour, form and feeling. I could paint them forever, and have added a new twist to my interpretations with encaustic. With the addition of this wax medium, my flowers bloom with texture and strength like never before.