In my life, there are two passions that fire my spirit – a deep and abiding love of art, and an endless enthusiasm for exploring. These two passions come together in the paintings on this website. My paintings have taken me on a journey which has become an art in itself – an art of exploration. My artist’s journey is a means for me to discover and learn about new subjects,issues and ways to be a better painter.

Best of all, my paintings let me communicate at a level that isn’t otherwise possible for me. When I paint, I’m so deeply fascinated, I’m removed from the pace of life. I’m in another world where talking isn’t necessary, exploring and listening to my inner voice, figuring out visually and sensually what I want to say.

I have been fortunate to have had incredibly gifted teachers and role models helping me on my journey. I started with Sybil Rampen, an all-round creative soul who taught painting, worked in fibre and was a major influence on me. Sybil had a big house north of Oakville, with a barn. At the age of 84, she started an art gallery and museum in the barn – now part of historic Oakville. This incredible woman not only produced art and taught, she plowed her land and tended the sheep.

At the beginning, Sybil taught me fabric collage and using machine embroidery to create interest. With Sybil, I created one-of-a-kind clothing and wallhangings. She awoke the excitement about creating within me!

Another important influence for me was Renata Realini, a teacher at OCAD. Renata was instrumental in helping me learn to draw and create paintings. I started with workshops at the Koffler Centre. We studied theory of colour, three-dimensional design and the history of art. I continue to study with Renata to this day.In the late 90s I attended workshops at the Centre for Creative Ministries. This was a program to help lay people and religious alike as an initial exploration and preparation for enriching one’s personal ministry – mine being to paint. The program was called the Compassionate Leadership program. Marcella Shields was instrumental in helping me to recognize the importance of art and creativity in my life.

Other guides have been Doris McCarthy, who taught me about painting in the land and Heather Gentleman, who has taught me about encaustic .

When I paint I am fascinated by shape, form and colour – especially organic shapes. You’ll notice all my subjects are simple and natural – nothing man-made or artificial. I’m never satisfied and have to move on to explore new subjects. My paintings exist inside me. They take on a life of their own and must come out.

And in this, my landmark year of turning 70, I can feel an energy pushing me to set the boundaries higher. I want to live life to the fullest and feel like I’m in a state of percolation.

That’s why I’ve assembled this collection, this virtual gallery of my paintings. This is more than a website – it’s my way of giving back to those of you who have been kind to me. It’s an opportunity for me to connect with everyone who is dear to me and who has touched me along my journey as an artist and an explorer.

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