Why do I like pears so much? Is it because they remind me of mature women? Like Henry Moore’s sculptures, they portray the shapes of mature women. They are funny, wacky, whimsical and sensual. Just like women.

Originally, I was going to call this section “Still Life” but then I realized most of the paintings were of pears. These aren’t just fruit – they’re an excellent example of organic shapes with remarkable colours. The combination of form, colour, sweetness and softness is irresistible.

I’ve been surrounded by women who have been guides, teachers, mentors and role models. All these women are of great character – witty, creative, unique and spiritual. With their help, I’ve learned to see beyond the obvious and look at the world from different perspectives. I love the energy and sensibilities of women. It’s just possible that pears, in their individuality, innate playfulness and fine aesthetic inspire me the same way these women have. I am indeed fortunate.