Since my last show I have continued to work with Heather Gentleman on my drawing, encaustic and oil glazing skills.

During the year I tool a workshop with Jan Mason and learned about cold wax. Three of the abstract paintings use this method.

I am intriqued by learning new techniques and love working in many mediums.In this show you will see I have used pastels, pencil, cold and hot wax, as well as oil painting.

Curiosity has led me to also want to know more about abstract painting which I very much enjoy. Both hot and cold wax lend themselves well to this form of expression.

As you can see, I have hugely enjoyed representing my granddaughter, Maltida (Tilly). I have not tired of creating images of her and finding ways to portray her physically and spiritually.

My excitedment has been awakened by her innocent emergence in life.

My subjects of interest remain the same, but I strive always to find news ways to represent them.